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SOUND Deposition Services delivers the quality and timely litigation support services you need to conduct a focused and winning legal strategy. We partner with you all the way from discovery through the final phases of trial. With just a single call, click or fax, our team is ready to make your case our priority--coast-to-coast, international--anytime and anywhere.

Get the best in national and global court reporters, and fuel your team's legal strategy with SOUND's state-of-the-art legal productivity tools.

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WBE LogoImportant News that May Benefit Your Practice

Sound Deposition Services is proud to announce that is now a certified member of the Women's Business Enterprise. The WBE was created in 1997 in response for the need of a nationally-recognized standard for Women Business Enterprises. This organization is endorsed by corporations and public agencies alike. Please check with your litigation chair/diversity manager to see if you will benefit from citing our qualification as a WBE.

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VideoVideography and Audio, Video, Text Synced Depositions

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CloudConference Calling, Video-
conferencing and Streaming Services

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Trial DemonstrativesTrial

Introducing Medical Animation.

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